Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why bones are important to our body

Bones are important to our body, because they help us move and be able to lift up things. If we all didn't have bones, we'd all be like jelly and just so so weak. Also, bones can protect our internal organs . . . for example, like the skull protecting the brain. Also, bones are important, because without them, we won't even be able to hear. Bones also produces blood for us in our body. They also keep our entire body "in structure".


amber said...

wow christy just by reading your blog i learned things about the bones that i didnt know before.....good job! :]

Leslie Lim said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog. It impressed me a lot. Very unique and interesting. You are really a good blogger. Keep it up. Thank you and more power.


Cindy Dy said...

I really liked your blog. It has a sense of humor and quite interesting. Good job guys. Looking forward for more updates.